Hello there!
I'm a multidisciplinary UX/UI Designer based in Vancouver. A senior design student, concentrating in Interactive Design at Simon Fraser University.

I'm currently the Design Coordinator intern for Appnovation, where I support teams in creating insightful and story-driven presentation decks. I've also done contracted UX/UI work, designing an accessible mobile and web platforms.
I'm always open to a coffee chat! ☕
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I'm actively looking for UX/UI and Product Design internships within the gaming and/or product industry for the Fall of 2022.
A little bit about me:
Communities and projects I am involved in:
When I am not on figma
I'm sort of a creative unicorn, I'm constantly working on multiple personal projects that involves in 3D mockups/models, visual effects, interactive designs, web designs, game UI designs, and even digital illustrations. It may seem a lot of projects, but I love working on all of them! It keeps my design skills sharp and allows me to be involved in more than just UX/UI, as well as, becoming inspired by the creativity that comes from the pros in these communities.
🐰Design Buddies: Helping support one of the biggest design communities with the design of their mentorship page, as well as, being part of an actively growing inclusive design community.
🍛During the pandemic I had to survive, so I picked up a few hobbies and one of them was cooking! I've been channeling my inner cultural heritage and roots and started to learn to cook traditional Indonesian meals! (I've mastered the art of cooking Nasi Goreng, a super delicious Indonesian fried rice😋).
🕹️I'm an avid video game enjoyer. I play any genres of games, from Mario kart to Apex Legends! It's hard to say what my favourite type of games are, but I would learn towards open world games. To me, video games transport us to a new world where we can explore and interact with the amazing things in that world. It's also where I gain creative inspiration that I would apply in some of my design projects!
📷I also enjoy taking a step back and admire my surroundings. Whether it's going to art galleries, the park, or the hustle of downtown, I like to capture these moments through my camera's lens. More recently, I've been getting into more vlogging!
💡Hackathons: In the past, I've was on of the lead UX design collaborating with three design teams for a brand-focused hackathon event: Brandstorm, Hack4Health and MeaningfulWork.
🎮Upcoming Projects: More recently, I plan to release an upcoming game project by the end of the summer. (It will also be up on my portfolio when it’s done. Stay tuned!) As well as, other design projects that are currently in the design workshop.
Check out my works!
Discord Tabs: A featured redesign of Discord's chat/voice channels. Emphasizing on streamlining user's interaction across the platform.
Petto: A mobile app that helps empowers users to find the perfect pet companion that fits with their lifestyle.
My experience as a design coop: A blog post summarizing my experiences as a design coordinator coop.
FCAT Photoshop Workshop:
I hosted my first ever design workshop for the Faculty of Arts and Technology, SFU. It was great!